5 Common Leadership Pitfalls and Mistakes Business Owners Make

Being a sole business owner is stressful. Hiring and managing employees adds to that stress. Questions regarding employees can frequently race through your mind; Will my employees do a good job? How trustworthy are they? Should I watch them on camera while I’m home? Errrghh! These are just some of the questions that come up […]

Tax-Smart Contribution Considerations Presented by Edward Jones

This year’s tax-filing deadline of April 18 is not that far off, but you still have time to make some moves that could favorably affect your tax returns. So, you may want to consider making some tax-smart contributions. You have until the April 18 filing deadline to contribute to an IRA, or to open one […]

Website Hosting Basics presented by HNC Digital

I’m Adam Birnbaum, owner of HNC Digital, here to talk to you about website hosting basics and why not all hosting companies are created equal. When I start working with businesses, it is common they cannot answer basic questions such as where their website is hosted or where the domain name is registered. To them, […]