Website Hosting Basics presented by HNC Digital

I’m Adam Birnbaum, owner of HNC Digital, here to talk to you about website hosting basics and why not all hosting companies are created equal.

When I start working with businesses, it is common they cannot answer basic questions such as where their website is hosted or where the domain name is registered. To them, it is all interconnected — Platforms, Hosting, and Domain Registrations. It is also very common that the company that built/manages their website owns that relationship. That is not always a bad scenario as long as the company knows how to move their services should their business relationship end.

Domain Name: This is the consumer-friendly name of your website. For example,

Hosting Provider: This is where the files of the website are stored. For example, Dreamhost.

Platform: Software that runs the website. For example, WordPress.

This article is not targeted at website service companies offering a platform and hosting as a service. For example, Shopify, Wix, and Squarespace.

If you are hosting your own website, most likely using WordPress as your platform, then it is very important to use a good hosting company.

Last month, GoDaddy disclosed unauthorized access to its systems where it manages its customers’ WordPress servers that impacted millions of customers. They have always been a very popular option for many people as the name is synonymous with registering domain names. However, there are some watchouts, in addition to the breach mentioned above, that people should be aware of:

  • They upsell a lot of convenient services such as hosting, secure website hosting, and other privacy features that other hosting providers offer for free.
  • They often run on older technology and sites they run are notoriously slow.

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