How to Know if You Are Providing Quality Content

If you’re involved in regularly creating content to attract and engage an audience but find that few if any are chomping at the bit, your content may be lacking in quality.

Quality content is content that is attractive, readable, and valuable to its audience. The more an audience is attracted to, engaged in, and finds value with content from a particular source, the more likely they will return to that source to satisfy their needs and wants. To understand more fully the importance of these attributes let’s look at three guidelines that can assist you in enhancing the quality of your content.

It begins with attractiveness. You must be able to entice your readers to start reading. Consider the verbiage you are using in your titles and subject lines. Certain words and phrases such as what, how, where, and why are more apt to grab someone’s attention. Another suggestion is to provide numbers when providing tips or guidelines. For example, five things no one will tell you about, seven ways to, ten mistakes to avoid when, or master these eight essential elements. Also, include images or videos as these are pleasing to the eye and can draw the reader to want to find out more.

Readability is critical when beginning the body of your content because this is where real connection can truly begin. You have invited your readers in with your engaging introduction and now you must deliver by offering them the information that they are expecting to receive. If your readers are not responding, reconsider your wording, format, and tone. The following suggestions can help improve readability:

  1. Write in an active voice. Don’t use passive phrasing. For instance, all had a great time is preferred versus a great time was had by all.
  2. Write shorter sentences. It’s important to be brief and to the point as most people have a short attention span.
  3. Use simple terminology that an average reader can grasp or provide a clear definition. Spell out ACRONYMS. (i.e., Blue Cross Blue Shield vs. BCBS)
  4. Break up your text for easy reading. Use sub-headings, bullet points, hyperlinks, or white space that’s easier on the eyes.
  5. Write in the second person. When you address your audience as “you” it promotes a sense of friendliness and understanding which can help build a trusting relationship.
  6. Edit and proofread. Please make certain to check and correct any typos. You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression!

Value is the key. Unless you can provide relevancy, authenticity, and freshness to your readers, it is a waste of time for both you and them. If you can help someone solve a problem or give them useful advice rather than bombard them with a sales pitch, they will remember and appreciate that over the long haul. In addition, your content should provide a unique perspective. You’re more likely to gain and maintain loyal followers if you have something to offer them that they cannot find elsewhere.

If you want to get more people to read your content, show them that you care about what you write and that you care about what they read. Make it attractive, readable, and valuable. Then once you start seeing a draw in audience engagement you know you have put forth quality content!

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