From Acting Class to Business Strategy

From Acting Class to Business Strategy

Learn how local business owner, Dennis Connors, founder of NextGen Acting, implements lessons from the acting studio into his business workflow. What can business owners possibly learn from the craft of Acting? As a film, voice over, and theater actor with 15 years of experience in the performing arts industry, I’ve learned valuable lessons that […]

Client testimonials are your business’s success stories

As business owners we invest a great deal of time and money to gain more clientele. Once we have obtained customers and have provided them the products and services that they desire, we know it doesn’t end there. If the customers are satisfied and their experience was positive, the next logical step would be to […]

Do I need SEO for my Small Business?

As per latest statistics, there are 32.5 million small businesses in the US, which accounts for 99.9 % of all US businesses that drives 90% of global economic growth. Over 70% of US small businesses shut down in March 2020 when the US became the new epicenter of the virus. More than 60% of these small businesses that […]

15 Questions Every Local Business Should Ask Before Your Next Online Marketing Campaign

Today, every business owner needs to be a great marketer to succeed in the digital economy. This article shares some useful online marketing tips for local businesses. First, let’s face it – local is different! Most marketing experts and resources cater to big brands and e-commerce companies. Their strategies often don’t apply to businesses with […]

How to Know if You Are Providing Quality Content

If you’re involved in regularly creating content to attract and engage an audience but find that few if any are chomping at the bit, your content may be lacking in quality. Quality content is content that is attractive, readable, and valuable to its audience. The more an audience is attracted to, engaged in, and finds […]

The Difference that Makes the Difference

Businesspeople want more. They place immense value on what more means to them — more connections, more profit, more capacity, more impact, more respect, more options, more freedom. So how do most businesspeople go about getting more? They take more actions, right? They meet more people, improve their appearance, and find more ways to generate […]

Is Print Marketing Dead? NO!! It’s more Alive than Ever and has been Transformed!!

Traditionally, when people think of print marketing they think of the glossy magazines and newspapers(i.e. New York Times) that you get delivered to your house. Many of us no longer receive those glossy magazines and newspapers anymore; however, there are still many loyal customers. Print Marketing is so much more than glossy magazines and brochures […]