The Difference that Makes the Difference

Businesspeople want more. They place immense value on what more means to them — more connections, more profit, more capacity, more impact, more respect, more options, more freedom. So how do most businesspeople go about getting more? They take more actions, right? They meet more people, improve their appearance, and find more ways to generate new business through advertising and marketing. Some people invest in a business coach. They set goals with time frames attached to them, with clearly defined action steps, along with what they are willing to do – and willing not to do – to accomplish those goals. Their coach holds them accountable.

If you have used business improvement strategies, or coached businesspeople this way, then you know that the outcomes are as varied as the individuals performing them. Why do different people get different results when doing the same thing? It can be so frustrating. “How come they are raking it in and I’m struggling?  We are both doing the same thing.” Or are they? Is one person better than the other?  No, not better – different.

The difference that makes the difference is BELIEFS and ENERGY. Beliefs underpin values and actions. If a person believes that they are not worthy of more, and all the things that having more means to them, then it does not matter what strategies they do to grow their business. The most successful businesspeople have values and action steps that are in proper alignment with their beliefs. They understand that success does not come to you, it comes from you. Believe that you are worthy of more, attracting the people, places, things, and events that resonate with the thoughts that water the seeds of your success. Believe that people who know you are better off than those who may not. Believe that the purpose of your business is to help those you serve – not the other way around. Believe that you deserve more.

What is the fuel that makes this success engine go? It is ENERGY. Energy is behind the actions you take and the outcomes you make. How is yours? Are you getting proper rest, eating well, working out, thinking the thoughts that serve you best, fostering healthier social and emotional connections, and having regular chiropractic checkups to identify and remove the interferences to your body’s ability to function better? Doesn’t your car run better after a proper tune-up? So does your body, since it is the vehicle that transports your life through your business, physical and social interactions!

ENERGY is the currency of success. To get the most out of the things you are doing to have a better life, check your beliefs first. Be sure they are congruent with your values and actions. Then put great energy behind all your efforts through benevolent service. That is the difference that makes the difference in your ability to manifest the business and lifestyle of your dreams.

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Dr. Ken Freedman is the owner and director of Freedman Chiropractic. Since 1979, he has dedicated his life to identifying and removing the interferences to healing, proper function and optimum well-being. An experienced business coach, Dr. Freedman has worked with thousands of business owners to develop and implement the identity and strategies necessary to achieve meaningful personal growth and professional success. In addition to chiropractic services, he offers programs on weight loss and purification, as well as a variety of presentations for progressive business owners interested in improving productivity, reducing work-related injuries and their associated costs, and stress reduction. Contact him at Freedman Chiropractic, 732-254-6011 or