Is Print Marketing Dead? NO!! It’s more Alive than Ever and has been Transformed!!

Traditionally, when people think of print marketing they think of the glossy magazines and newspapers(i.e. New York Times) that you get delivered to your house. Many of us no longer receive those glossy magazines and newspapers anymore; however, there are still many loyal customers.

Print Marketing is so much more than glossy magazines and brochures and can be very effective in helping grow your business. It can also be used in tandem with social media and be a powerful part of your marketing mix.

Here are a few statistics that show the importance of print marketing.

  1. 70% of households with an income above $100,000 are newspaper readers (Mansi Media, n.d.)
  2. 95% of people under 25 years old read magazines (Top Media Advertising)
  3. Ad recall for print news brands has increased by 67% between 2009/2010 and 2019/2020 (Newsworks, 2020)
  4. There is an increase in website visits for consumers who see print ads up 27% in 2020 from 12% in 2009 (Newsworks, 2020)
  5. Print readers usually spend 20 minutes or more with their publication while typical visitor to a digital ad site only stays for less than 5 minutes (Heitman)

What is one of the first things professionals ask for at a networking event? Can I have your business card, please? That is the most popular form of print marketing in its simplest form.

Print Marketing includes anything that can promote your business, brand, and message on any tangible item. This includes business cards, labels, posters, billboards, menus, window clings, yard signs, tee shirts, pens, mugs, ….literally, almost anything! Unlike digital marketing, print marketing gives the consumer a lasting message because of the physicality of the item.

The most popular type of print marketing is direct mail or advertising in targeted vehicles that reach consumers’ homes. This includes delivering items via specific postal zones, demographics, etc. These pieces tend to have longer shelf lives than digital ads/messages. With the right message, your business can really impact the consumer!

With more consumers working from home, printed materials received have even more staying power. Many companies tie in their print campaigns with their digital ones to reach consumers everywhere they possibly can!

As Millenials are now becoming the largest generation in the US, engaging them with print marketing should be done on a personal level. Understanding this group is extremely important when developing any print marketing strategies aimed at them.

Learn how print marketing can help your business

If you would like more information on how print marketing can help your business please reach out to me, Amy Levine, Business Development Executive at Lifestyles Publications/King Kong Printing.